Thursday, 20 July 2017

2017 James Hogg Conference Program

The 2017 James Hogg Conference has been an exhilarating one, with a wide and fascinating array of papers exploring new aspects of Hogg's life, works and afterlife. The program below suggests new points of entry into Hogg Studies.

Locating Hogg: July 19-21 2017
University of Stirling Conference Schedule

Wednesday 19 July

From 1600 Registration in Pathfoot exhibition space
From 1700 Reception (Pathfoot exhibition space and C1/C2)
Drinks, followed by buffet

Welcome from the University of Stirling • Adrian Hunter
Introduction to the exhibition: James Hogg in the World
Kirsteen McCue, accompanied by David Hamilton, Hogg’s well-travelled songs

Bruce Gilkison, welcome address: Hogg’s Games in the 21st Century

Thursday 20 July (Pathfoot C1/C2)

0930-1100 Panel A: From Ettrick to the world: Locating Hogg’s literary influence
Chair: Caroline McCracken-Flesher
  • Juliet Shields, Hogg, Oliphant, and the Scottish Supernatural Tale 
  • Hannah Pyle, Finding Hogg through the ghostly Victorian presence, or; The case of (Patrick) Branwell Bronte 
  • Thomas C. Richardson, Locating Hogg in the Literature of the American South 
1100-1120 Break

1120-1230 Panel B: Locating the ‘cameleon’s art’: Confessions and the printed page
Chair: Sharon Alker
  • Alasdair Thanisch and Peter Thanisch, The Rise and Fall of Allographic Paratext Surrounding Hogg’s Justified Sinner 
  • Jaix Chaix, ‘The Devil Drives His Hogs to an Ill Market’: Direction & Orientation in A Justified Sinner
1230-1330 Lunch 1330-1430

The Douglas Mack Lecture • Penny Fielding, Locating James Hogg in Space and Time, introduced by Ian Duncan


Panel C: Locating ‘Mr A.T. Philosopher’: Hogg and the philosophy of being (in)human

Chair: Thomas C Richardson
  • Ian Duncan, Locating Human Nature in Hogg’s Fictional Autobiographies  
  • Caroline McCracken-Flesher, Posthuman James Hogg? 
1540-1600 Break

1600-1730 Panel D: ‘A Kaleidoscopic art’: locating Hogg across forms
Chair: Adrian Hunter
  • Duncan Hotchkiss, A portable form? Hogg’s short fiction in Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 
  • David Stewart, Knowing Narratives and Hogg’s Fictional Places 
  • Sharon Alker and Holly Faith Nelson, Literally and Figuratively Locating Hogg’s Writings for The Uncollected Works in the Stirling / South Carolina Research Edition of the Collected Works of James Hogg 
Friday 21 July (Pathfoot C1/C2)

0920-1050 Panel E: Locating Hogg in Scot(t)land: The politics of early nineteenth-century national cultures

Chair: Duncan Hotchkiss
  • Marie Michlova, James Hogg and Sir Walter Scott’s Circle 
  • Barbara Leonardi, Locating James Hogg’s and Walter Scott’s Use of Vernacular Voices within Early Nineteenth-Century Englishness 
  • Tamara Gosta, ‘Of things half-known, and half-forgot’: Locating James Hogg on the Field of Waterloo
1050-1100 Break

1100-1200 Panel F: ‘He was a gey sensible man for a' the nonsense he wrat’: locating the supernatural Hogg

Chair: Barbara Leonardi
  • Robin MacLachlan, ‘Where fell the scathe?’ – Hogg, Witches, and Witchcraft 
  • Joshua Dobbs, Re-locating Gil-Martin: Fairies Versus Christianity Within Justified Sinner 
1200-1300 Lunch

1300-1400 Panel G: Tracking Hogg: places and traces

Chair: Suzanne Gilbert
  • Bruce Gilkison, Tracking Hogg today: the Borders and Beyond 
  • Adrian Hunter, Hogg and Scott’s ‘First’ Meeting: The View from Alice Munro 
1400-1430: Round-table discussion on Hogg studies in the future: Planing New Projects

Chairs: Holly Faith Nelson and Sharon Alker

1440-1530 James Hogg Society AGM

1530 Departure for Stirling tour (from Pathfoot) 1815 Conference Dinner at Hermann’s, in Stirling’s old town

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