Friday, 21 July 2017

New Double Issue of Studies in Hogg and his World

A new double issue of Studies in Hogg and his World has now been published. The contents are as follows:

Issue No. 25-26, 2015-2016, Ed. H. B. de Groot

H. B. de Groot and Elaine Petrie, Thomas Crawford 1920-2014


Angela Esterhammer, "Identity Crises and Unaccountable Acts: More Contexts for Hogg's Justified Sinner"

Gillian Hughes, "Hogg's Extremities: Poetry and Advertising"

Gerard Lee McKeever, "'All that I choose to tell you is this': Improvement Confronts the Supernatural in Hogg's Short Fictions"

Ruth Knezevich, "Fronti nulla fides -- that is -- "Put no confidences in Title-pages'": The Responsible Reading of Paratexts in Hogg's Confessions"

Alasdair Thanisch and Peter Thanisch, "James Hog's 'Old Errors digged out of their Graves'"

Thomas Richardson, "'To illustrate something scarcely tangible': The Novels of the Shepherd and L-- of C--d"


Graham Tulloch and Judy King, "Two Further James Hogg Letters"


Songs by the Ettrick Shepherd by James Hogg, edited by Kirsteen Mccue with Janette Currie, and Contributions to Musical Collections and Miscellaneous Songs by James Hogg, edited by Kirsteen McCue with Janette Currie and Megan Coyer
Reviewed by C. M. Jackson-Houlston

Introduction and Notes from the Magnum Opus: Waverley to A Legend of the Wars of Montrose by Walter Scott, and Introduction and Notes from the Magnum Opus: Ivanhoe to Castle Dangerous by Walter Scott, edited by J. H. Alexander with P. D. Garside and Claire Lamont
Reviewed by Graham Tulloch

The Oxford History of the Novel in English: Vol. 3, The Nineteenth-Century Novel 1820-1880 edited by John Kucich and Jenny Bourne Taylor
Reviewed by Ian Duncan

William Maginn and the British Press: A Critical Biography by David E. Latané
Reviewed by Gillian Hughes

Romanticism and Blackwood's Magazine: 'An Unprecedented Phenomenon' edited by Robert Morrison and Daniel S. Roberts
Reviewed by Kim Wheatley

Contemporary Scottish Gothic: Mourning, Authenticity, and Tradition by Timothy C. Baker
Reviewed by Caroline McCracken-Flesher

Paul Bright's Confessions of a Justified Sinner: Reconstructed by Untitled Projects
Reviewed by Robin MacLachlan

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